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In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

  1. Your mere entry and use of this website and software (Quran Windows quransoft.net) is considered your acceptance and acknowledgment of these terms that we mention below, if you do not agree to all of them, please stop using them.
  2. This site and the program are considered as means aimed at providing general knowledge to all and do not infringe any copyright, and everything published on the site and in the program has been obtained from reliable sources such as alquranweb.com (Compilation of Quranic Interpretations and Translations), al-Jame' al Tarikhi fi Tafsir al Quran al Kareem, ketabonline.com (Comprehensive Islamic Library), shamella.ws (al-Maktabah al-Shamelah), quranenc.com (Quran Encyclopedia), zekr.online (Quranic Recitations Collection), MP3Quran, or it was obtained from the Internet because it is available to everyone, so we do not bear any responsibility about the publication of any material, and in the event of any material that infringe copyright, you can contact us at [email protected] so we will delete it as soon as possible.
  3. The information available on the Site and in the Software will always be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We constantly strive to improve wording and correct errors, and do our best to improve the accuracy of the information published through the website and the software, but we do not guarantee the accuracy and updateness of the information.
  4. The visitor can benefit from the services of the site and program (Quran Windows quransoft.net) as a guest, and we may provide the registration service in the future and the user can register on the website if he chooses to do so at that time.
  5. Registration to the site and program is optional.
  6. Your use of this website and software must be for lawful purposes.
  7. You may not submit any material that may infringe the rights or privacy of others.
  8. You may not submit any material that may abuse the visitors of this website.
  9. You may not send any material that may offend anyone, or contain obscene or offensive language.
  10. You may not send any material that encourages the commission of any crime, or includes an offense that entails civil liability or a legal offense.
  11. No material from this site and software may be taken for the purpose of reproduction, publication, or broadcast, in any way, except for personal, non-commercial use.
  12. We do not make any warranties that the currently published material will be uninterrupted, or that the website and the software will be free of bugs or viruses, although we try our best to provide a bug-free and virus-free software and website.
  13. The site does not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect, material or moral damage, arising from the use or inability to use this site and the program, or from any error, omission or defect in it, or from an error in some of the information it provides, or from any delay or interruption in its work.
  14. Every material sent to and published on the site becomes the property of the site and all users, and has the full right to republish it electronically, or translate it into any other language.
  15. The site disclaims all responsibility for any published material that infringes the intellectual rights of another person, and the only responsible for this is the material's sender.
  16. The site has the right to delete any published material, whenever it sees fit, without notifying its author .
  17. The site reserves the right to amend these terms whenever and in the form it sees fit.
  18. The ideas in the contents of the site and the program do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owners of the site or whoever manages it. Any conclusions made by the user of the site or the software which is derived from the information contained in the site and the program are his own responsibility and cannot be attributed to the site.
  19. The site does not accept any responsibility for any breach of security associated with the transmission of sensitive information through the site, any site linked to it or for the contents of any site linked to our site. We provide you with URLs or names of other websites only as a means of knowledge, and therefore the site will not accept any responsibility for the contents of these sites, or any information they collect from users.
  20. You may link to our site provided that you do so in a way that indicates that it is Quran Windows site and software (Quran Windows quransoft.net) clearly and without misleading, and without disturbing others.
  21. We do not accept spam or spaming in mailing groups in order to publish the site.
  22. The visitor may encounter some errors of various kinds in the site or program, so we kindly ask you to point out these errors by contacting us at [email protected]
  23. The site administration does not guarantee or undertake that the errors proposed to be corrected will be corrected.
  24. All trademarks, images and audio are the property of their respective owners and neither the site nor any third party has granted you in any way any license, right to any trademark, copyright or sale of any of the information and publication materials provided on this website and the software.
  25. Some visitors and collaborators send us material that we require that it is not legally protected by copyright and we publish it on the site, and therefore the site does not bear any responsibility as a result of publishing such material, if it turns out later that its publication rights are reserved to a certain party, and we hope that any party that objects to any material write to us at [email protected]
  26. Some site services may be available in some countries but not in others, you should make sure that the service you want is available in your country.
  27. The site may republish, use, display, change or perform works derived from it and distribute such content or materials to others without any limitation and without any notice to the sender.
  28. In no way shall the Quran Windows site and program or any of its subsidiaries, employees, agents, publishers or fans be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or responsible for any legal or punitive liability, for the use, misuse or failure to use this site or for any errors, or for the deletion, addition, or modification of all or part of the contents of the site and the program, or for any possible damages as a result of it.
  29. These terms and conditions and this disclaimer apply to the Quran Windows website and software (Quran Windows  quransoft.net) and to all its affiliates, its distributors, administrators, owners, agents, employees, entities that provide information to it, its branches, and entities that grant or receive licenses from it.

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